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1. SR. CALLISTA (1916 – 1997)

Sr. Callista belonged to the Panikulam family of Katoor.  She was the 9th of 12 children.  She entered St.Teresa’s Convent in 1940 and made her first profession in 1942.  Sister was a teacher by profession and taught in our schools in Mathilekam, Eravipuram, Trichur and Ernakulum.  She was Superior in Trichur and Mathilekam.  After retirement, sister stayed in St. Joseph’s Trichur and spent a life of prayer and service to all.

Sister Callista was not a talkative person.  She did the chores entrusted to her meticulously and the spent her time helping whom she could.  She spent much time in prayer and everyone went to her asking for prayers.  If a sister was going on an errand and asked her to pray, she would do so, till the sister returned and thanked her, for her support. She would pay long, in chapel at night, and then see that the doors and windows were securely closed.  Respect for authority, encouragement to the young, concern for the sick, love for her community; these were her outstanding marks.

She had to have an eye operation and when the doctor made the final investigation he advised against it.  She just said, “God does not want it”, and was calm and accepting of the verdict.  Anyone who wanted her, would find her in the chapel ,  or in her room.  On the morning of the 18th December, after entrusting her few earthly cares to the superior who was with her, she kissed the crucifix, took her rosary in her hand, turned aside and just slipped away to Heaven.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018