1. SR. DE SALES (1905-1970)

Sr. De Sales was the younger sister of Sr. Cecelia (no.34) and Sr. Carmen. As I have already told you, they were Anglo Indians from Podanur.  In her later years she was nominated Superior several times. She cared for her community. She also was very particular about keeping the Rule. Her English pronunciation was excellent and she was particular that others should speak the language well too. So she took trouble to teach others. After her sister, Carmen, she was nominated as the Novice Mistress. Her novices speak of her as being just and kind. She was the first novice mistress in Whitefield. Such personalities as Sr. Yvonne Marie, Sr. Immaculata, Sr. Marie Cecile, Sr. Teresita, Sr. Bertille were trained by her and they appreciated her very much. She was gentle in her speech, but could be very firm if the occasion warranted it.

After she completed her term as Mistress of Novices, she returned to St.Teresa’s, but already she had terminal cancer. She spent several months in the hospital and suffered much. She was always cheerful and ready to bear her pain.

Sr. Carmen was a faithful companion and help for her in the hospital. She finally passed away, peacefully on the 4th November, 1970. 


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