1. SR.AUREA (1937 – 1997)



Sr. Aurea was born on 25th May ’37 to staunch Catholic parents.  She imbibed the values of a fervent catholic home from early years.  After her education and teacher training, she taught in our school at Mathilekam.  After a few years she decided to join the convent and was received as a postulant.  She made her first commitment on the 2th May 1966.Sr.Aurea was jolly, energetic, bustling sister, always seeing the sunny side of life.  A woman of faith and trust in God, she was mostly assigned to difficult places like the high Ranges.  But she took all difficulties in her stride and remained cheerful.  She accepted the tasks cheerfully.  The children loved her and felt free to go to her in all their needs and she, in her turn, saw that nothing was waiting for them.

After retirement, she was appointed as Superior in the new house at Peechi.  Though beginnings are difficult, she accepted her assignment and was determined to do her best.  Unknown to others she suffered from many ailments especially diabetes.  While she worked for others, she paid scant attention to her own needs.  The diabetes got the better of her eventually and she was admitted to Lourdes Hospital, in Ernakulum.  When she developed renal failure, she was rushed to Lisie Hospital for dialysis.  Before she could have it, she passed away.  She was just 60 years old.  She is remembered by sisters and children as a competent, cheerful, kind and helpful person.  Those who worked with her remember her with love.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018