1. SR.PRISCILLA (1916 – 1993)

SR.PRISCILLA (1916 – 1993)

Sr. Priscilla was the daughter of Albert and Teresa Fernandez Cochin.  She was the eldest child of her parents.  She had six other brothers and sisters and so developed in to a responsible girl who was concerned about others.  When she entered the convent at the age of 19 years, she brought along her responsible, caring ways.

Sister worked in several convents when she was younger; in Mysore, Trivandrum, Eravipuram and Mundakayam.  Finally she came back to St. Teresa’s Ernakulum and was the sister in charge of the hostel mess for many years.  She was a silent worker but efficient in her work.  She and the kitchen staff worked as a team.  They were all satisfied, because all did their assigned tasks as the supervision was efficient.  Sister may have admonished those who defaulted but it was done without everyone knowing about it.

When her work was done Sr. Priscilla would go to her room, freshen up and then got to the chapel.  She spent much time there.  Besides, she would be with the community for recreation and other exercises.  In everything she was meticulous and careful, without any noise or confusion – really a peaceful, gentle person.

In her free time she did very good embroidery and it seems she was good in painting too.  She was generally healthy but towards the end she did suffer.  However she would never complain and when asked, “How are you sister?” she would gently replay with a smile, “I am better.”  She too like Sr. Lucy had all the kitchen girls visiting her daily, to chat with her.

She was ill for some time but she used to come to chapel regularly till the end.  That last day, she had come for Mass too.  She talked to her niece, who had come to visit just a while earlier.  Her end was peaceful.  To us sisters of St. Teresa’s who had lived with her for 33 years she left the example of a perfect religious.


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