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1. SR.VALERIAN (1954 – 1998)

Mary Josephine Ross was born in 1954 to Antony Vincent and Arokia Mary Ross.  She was the only girl and the youngest in the family.  She was much loved by her parents and brothers.  She lost her beloved father at the age of 8 years.  When she decided to become a nun, her brothers and mother were very sad, but they decided that she should be allowed to follow her call. In 1974 she was professed and took the name Sr. Valerian.

Sister completed her at St. Joseph’s College Bangalore and then did her Teacher’s Training at Sophia Training College.  She was posted in Harihar first, and then she served in Shahabad, Kushalnagar and Gulbarga.  She was headmistress of the Primary school in all these schools.

Sr. Valerian was an able Headmistress and a very outgoing person.  She was generous to the core and had a heart for the poor.  Though gentle she was outspoken.  She was appreciated by all who knew her.  She was artistic and good singer.

She had a deep yearning to make a month’s retreat and her desire was fulfilled when on the 6th October 1998, she joined the month’s retreat at Whitefield.  The first week of the retreat prepared her for what she had longed for.  It was a deep spiritual experience in which she surrendered herself totally to God.  On 16th sister had an unexpected cardiac arrest.

The end came suddenly.  The Lord came to call His child home.  Her death may seem untimely for most people, but for her it happened when she was most ready.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018