2. SR.BEATRICE (1913 – 1988)

Sr.Beartice belonged to the Kattacherry family.  She was the younger sister of Sr.Denis.  In her early years she taught in Mysore.  She competed her studies in Hindi from Maharaja’s college and used to teach Hindi in school at St.Teresa’s Ernakulam.  She was sent to Giridih, as she knew Hindi and taught there for some years.  She then returned and was in St.Teresa’s.  When St.Joseph’s Convent and High school was opened at Kalamaserry, she became the Head mistress.  Though she was sickly and suffered from constant coughs, she was very particular about her students.

She lived on the school premises so that she could supervise the studies of the older boys.  She would make them study and punish them if necessary, making them kneel down.  At the same time she would give them horlicks and tonics, pouring it down their throat! No student or parent felt annoyed, as they knew sister was doing it out of concern for them.  Naturally, the results were good.

In the community, she was friendly and kind to everyone.  But her concern was for her students.  As she grew older her health deteriorated and finally she died on the 4th November 1988. It was only then that we saw how the students appreciated her.  All those former students who were in Ernakulam and roundabout, made it a point to come and every one of them wanted the privilege of carrying her coffin at least for some distance.


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