3.SR.ARCHANGE (1914 – 1997)


Sr. Archange formerly Muriel D’Costa was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John D’Costa of Alwaye.  She was professed in 1939 and received the name of Sr. Archange.

Sr. Archange boasted of having worked in all the four provinces of the congregation and indeed she did so.  She readily went where she was sent and adapted herself to the conditions there.  This was because of her natural cheerfulness and spirit of adventure.  Her final transfer was to St.Joseph’s Kalamaserry.

Archie had a lively sense of humour and had a ready answer for everything.  She was interested in gardening, needle work and was an excellent cook.  She took great care of everything entrusted to her.  Her love for animals was proverbial.  She would personally see that all the cats, dogs, pigs and poultry were well catered for.  She excelled in the art of making jams, jellies, pickles etc. which she brought out in her won good time, happy to see the community enjoy her good table.  She did the modest and humble tasks with joy and pride and was totally fulfilled in doing them.

Her deep and simple faith in the Lord and her tender devotion to Our Lady gave her then strength to beat suffering. She suffered from chronic arthritis and had surgery on her leg, when young  yet it did not prevent her from standing for long hours near the fire or the sink.

Her last illness was buried and she was ready to return to her Maker.  She died on the 8th November, leaving behind a grieving community and her two heart-broken sisters for whom she had been a strong support.


Thursday, November 8, 2018