4.SR.ODILA (1922 – 1995)

Sr.Odila was a native of the village of Ochanthuruth, a suburb of Ernakulam.  On completing her education, she taught in our school at Ernakulam, St.Antony’s for several years. She then joined the convent in 1951 and was professed in 1952. Being a gentle kind and obedient person, she never fell a foul of the Novice Mistress and her novitiate passed off uneventfully.  She was my senior by one year.

Throughout her teaching career she was headmistress in one or other of our several schools in the coastal areas.  She was known to be efficient and quite a disciplinarian.  She was known for her firm hand and soft heart.  The people of Neendakara and Eravipuram looked upon her as their Mother. After her retirement she was appointed superior of Mercy Home, a home for elderly women who need care and support.  Many of them were our former domestic workers who opted to stay on with us.  Sr.Odila made it a real “Home” for them. They experienced love and concern and that personal touch which made Sr.Odila’s care so unique.  She was later transferred to be Home for the Elderly at Trivandrum, where she was the same special person for the inmates.

A wonderful community person, she knew to keep the sisters united and joyful in their work for the elderly.  She was made for her task and she accomplished it to perfection to the end.

Thursday, November 8, 2018