SR. ALOYSIA (1932-2003)

Sr. Alosysia, a name so familiar and synonymous for hard work and commitment was called for God’s abode to receive her reward for her lifetime achievement as a woman of virtues, grace and elegance.  She was born in Kanjirapally a small township in Kerala, to Mr. V.J Abraham and Aleykutty on 18th November 1932. Sr. Aloysia stood the trials of time to bring pride to her parents. She being the sixth sibling among a dozen of them took life in her stride. Bearing the burdens and difficulties one has to face in a family, she blossomed as a joyful energetic young girl. Having completed her primary and high school education she joined CSST Institute at a young age after a rigorous religious training, she made her First Commitment in 1951. Soon after she continued her studies in St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam. Later she did her B.Ed. from Loreto College at Kolkata.

With a passion for God’s mission, accompanied by unwavering dedication, she made indelible marks in the history of the Institute. As a young sister, Sr. Alosysia came to Northern mission. She was a born educationist. She worked hard at the initial stage of Carmel Convent School at Raigarh facing many hurdles and difficulties from Education Departments. At many of our institutions she served both as superior and principal. Her strenuous efforts brought about tremendous growth to various institutions. Her dedicated contributions in the field of education have made concrete effects in the lives of many students who passed her firm yet gentle hands.

After her retirement, love for children, made her take up the job as K.G in charge. No matter where she was placed, she gave nothing but her best. While serving the Institute in her capacities as superior, principal and as provincial, one could clearly find her timeless sincerity, undivided determination and unshakable faith in God.

She brought joy and vibrancy in the communities. She was one who could bring changes in persons and structures with a sole aim of transforming the human kind for better. In spite of all these, she was very human. Sr.Alosysia could not stand hunger. However busy, she was particular to have her lunch at sharp 12 O’ clock, that too not anything to eat but hot rice with pungent curry.

The prime of her youth was a journey with passion for God’s mission. However the fag end of her life was different, difficult and distant from dynamism due to the bitter disease –cancer, she contracted. She hoped for a recovery that would erase all the traces of the disease but the disease got better of her in spite of her fighter spirit. On 2nd October 2003 she was shifted to the ICU of Holy Family hospital, Delhi.

After a few days she went into a coma. The sacrament of Extreme unction was administered and this brought her a new lease of life. On 21st June was her patron saint's day and she enjoyed the day in the company of her sisters and other loved ones. She was joyful, gracious and exhuming in vibrancy and no one knew her death was very close at hand. On 15th July her condition became very critical. The next day 16th July, on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mother Mary took her daughter in her arms to heaven.

Sr. Aloysia is a gem shining in the garden of Carmel. Sr. Aloysia has left us an irreplaceable void in the hearts of many. Having lived a life worthy of her call, she now rests in the abode of her beloved inspiring others to tread a path of vibrancy, exuberance and holiness.


Born in Kanjirapally, in Kerala on 18th November 1932, Sr. Aloysia was the sixth among a dozen of siblings of whom three became Jesuit priests. She blossomed as a joyful energetic young girl. Having completed her primary and high School Education, she joined the Congregation of Carmelite sisters of St. Teresa, at Ernakulam.

Sr. Aloysia was very self sacrificing, simple and hard working. She had a special love for the poor and weak children. She used to take remedial classes for them and helped them pass their Board Examinations.

For many years Sr. Aloysia was the Principal of Carmel Hindi Medium School, Raigarh. As Principal and Manager she managed to raise the School into a Higher Secondary School with a Science block and Library building. She also started an English Medium School in the same Campus. We can now see the fruit of her untiring work in Raigarh. An able Administrator, inspiring teacher, caring Superior, a committed and holy Carmelite, Sr. Aloysia was all these and more to the sisters and institutions where she lived and worked.  For more than a decade the people of Raigarh was to feel the presence of Sr. Aloysia in more ways than one. She was in the Office as a clerk, in classes as teacher, and in the lives of the community as a loving sister.  

Sr. Aloysia succumbed to a virulent attack of cancer and over the last 2 years of her life her condition deteriorated day by day. She was deeply appreciative of the round-the clock care she received from the sisters of her community and the nursing staff at Holy Family Hospital, Delhi.

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