SR. ANACLETA (1932-2016)

Teresa Margaret was born as the fourth child of Victor Francis Lobo and Annie Lobo at Thoppumpady, Cochin, on 01.10.1932.  She was baptised on 09.10.1932 at St. Sebastian Church. She had five brothers and two Sisters. Teresa completed her schooling in 1949 from St. Sebastian High School and joined our Institute in 1951 at St. Teresa’s Convent.  She made her first commitment in 1952 in St. Teresa’s and was given the name Sr. Mary Anacleta. She made her final commitment in 1957 at Mount Carmel Convent Bangalore.

Sr. Anacleta started her apostolic life in St. Joseph’s Convent, Thrissur in 1952 as a teacher. She continued her teaching ministry till 1973. While at Holy Angel’s Convent, Muzzafanagar, sister was appointed animator of St. Teresa’s Novitiate Whitefield, Bangalore. In 1976 after her tenure as Superior she was chosen for the Formation Ministry. From then on till her last breath she was passionately engaged in this ministry. Generation of sisters were formed by her. All she had, all she received she joyfully imparted to her formees. Every one of Sr. Analcleta’s candidates played the Keyboard (Organ), chanted the psalms, performed at functions.

 Sr. Anacleta was a highly accomplished person with her talents in music, tailoring, stitching, embroidery, teaching and clerical work, and these she joyfully shared with all, according to each ones taste. With some her talent as a musician, to some her embroidery skills, to some her clerical precision, to others her teaching ability, to correct the pronunciation, check the hand writing, spelling, etc.  She was a voracious reader and shared her books as well. She never wasted any time.  Every minute was usefully spent. Sr. Anacleta was suffering from acute arthritic problems.  Her every limb was painful and swollen, still she was early in the Chapel for meditation and prayers, and participated in all the community activities till the day she took leave of this world. Her’s was a life well begun, well lived and well completed. Sister Anacleta’s gentleness, her spirit of sharing, listening nature, her good council, her forbearance and graceful acceptance of God’s Will are a legacy she left behind for all to follow. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018