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Sr. Estella (1932-2016)

Annamma, the 5th child of late Mr. Papoo and Mrs. Annakutty was born on 25th May 1932 at Munnar in Kerala. With her 3 brothers and 4 sisters, she grew up in this happy and loving family. From the early years of her life her devoted parents instilled in her a deep love for Jesus. Her ardent desire to follow Jesus closely inspired her to become a member in the CSST family. She pronounced her first vows on 28th December, 1955 at St. Teresa’s Convent, Ernakulam, Kerala, taking the name Sr. Mary Estella of St. Joseph. She made her Final Commitment on 28th December, 1958.  Perfection was the hallmark of everything that she did and she expected the same from others too. Her cheerful countenance and gentle yet firm nature won her many friends. Faithfulness to her prayer life is highly remarkable. She was a community person and had a high respect for the authorities.

Her 84 years of life on this planet has brought life and light to the many darkened lives. Indeed Sister has brought glory to our various institutions in India and abroad, through her dedicated service in the capacities of a teacher, Head Mistress and superior. As a secretary to the Provincial Superior and the Superior General, she carried out her responsibilities meticulously.

In her last days she had a longing to die as a missionary in the Northern parts of India. It was visible in her interest to spend time with the poor children of the locality who come daily for the remedial classes. True to her name Sr. Estella did shine as a guiding star in the lives of many.  God willed that she be the first one to be buried in the new graveyard built for the priests and the religious of the Diocese. Thus her desire to be laid to rest in a place where there would be some priests and religious also was granted. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018