SR. EUCHARISTA (1923-2004)

Mary, the 4th of the five children, three girls and two boys of Elizabeth and Francis of Padamallumel House, N. Parur, Kerala, was born on 15th October 1923. She was baptized a week later at Church of St. Francis Xavier, Kunjithai. Mary had completed Std. VIII when she joined our Institute. Her Postulancy commenced on 24th September 1957 at St, Teresa’s, Ernakulam. Her Novitiate and 1st Profession were at St. Teresa’s, Whitefield. At her 1st Profession she received the name Sr. Mary Eucharista of the Precious Blood. Sister made her final commitment on 15th May 1963 at St. Teresa’s, Whitefield.

Sr. Eucharista was a talented cook and rendered her services at Incarnation Convent, Mysore from 1959 to 64 and then at Teresian Convent, Mysore from 1964 to 69. Sister then returned to Kerala and served in the converts at Kacheripady, Trichur, Kalamaserry, Trivandrum and Anugraha.

Sr. Eucharista was a caring mother to all. She knew to sooth the heart of everyone who approached her. Sister lovingly listened to those shared their problems with her and comforted them with kind words and assurance of prayers. She always wore a gentle smile. Sr. Eucharista combined the virtues of Mary and Martha skillfully in her life.

From 1997 onwards Sr. Eucharista was a member of the Anugraha Community at Ernakulam. Though sister had health problems, she had been very active in her ministry. She would drag herself to the kitchen to make sure things were in order. The last two years sister had been bed ridden due to paralyses. Even in her helplessness, Sr. Eucharista served her Lord Jesus never ceasing to pray and offering herself totally to Him.



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