SR. JOACHIM (1937-2010)

Sr. Joachim was the third Urau girl to join the CSST Congregation. Sr. Joachim of Jesus (Anna Bara) was born in Gholeng, Jaspur (dist), in Chhattisgarh, on 27.5.1937. After having completed her matriculation, she came to Carmel Convent Raigarh, and was helping in the school. Sr. Corsina, the then superior, felt that this simple and pious girl had a vocation to religious life. Sr. Corsina encouraged her to follow Jesus closely by embracing the Carmelite way of life. She made her first commitment on 25.4.1967 and her final commitment on 30.4.1973.

Sr.Joachim rendered her service in Carmel convent Raigarh Gwalior, Ranchi, Phulbani and Bishrampur. In all these Institutions she served as a teacher in the Hindi Medium. She later pursued her studies but could not complete it. She was posted in Carmel Bishrampur for a second time. Here she led a retired life. There her interesting activity was narrating the Biblical stories to the boarders. Herown additions to the original versions kept the listeners immersed. She was fondly loved by little children.

Sr. Joachim was a simple and outspoken person. Superior was always ‘mother’ for her. At recreation, she used to repeat her Biblical noodles (Riddles) and her simple jokes to amuse the sisters. Once when the Bishop of Ambikapur visited the convent he was highly impressed by her hilarious jokes. He then asked her to write and keep them in a book that her jokes would continue to lighten many more hearts. No cares and worries ever troubled her. She perfectly followed St. Teresa of Avila’s saying “Let nothing trouble thee.”

She had special likings towards the candidates. Some sisters still recall their sweet memories of her. She used to teach them dance and prepare them for superior’s feast and other occasions. Her visit to the neighborhood made her known to more people. She was loved by both young and old.

Though she had a mania of collecting even the odd things, she was a virtuous person. She had special devotion to Mother Mary. She always carried the Rosary in her hands and kept the beads rolling. She never broke her promise of praying the Rosary for the intentions of any individual. She kept a diary mentioning the number of Rosaries she has offered for certain important individuals like Mother General, Provincials, and Bishop etc.                                                  

Sister was a diabetic patient. Her sugar level used to be always on the higher side, as she could not keep up to her diet. She enjoyed any kind of sweet dishes to the maximum.                                 

On the 10th of June 2010, her sugar shot up suddenly and she was admitted in Holy Cross hospital at Ambikapur. In spite of all the efforts of the doctors, on the 11th of June, she went into a coma. On the same day at 3.50 p.m she passed away peacefully. God took His beloved without giving any prolonged suffering. She continues to live on many minds as a sister, who lived for ‘one day’ at a time trusting in God’s providential care.

Monday, June 11, 2018