SR. MARTHA (1908 ....1961)

Sr. Martha was the elder sister of Sr. Domitilla. Sr. Martha was mostly in Ernakulum while Sr. Domitilla spent most of her religious life in Karnataka.  They had a brother priest, Fr. Patrick Saldhana and another who was professor in Tamil Nadu. The whole family was highly intelligent but some of them were slightly eccentric, Sr. Martha, more so.

When I was a novice Sr. Martha used to help Mother Anne with her nursery school and so did I. I found that she was quite a good teacher and very kind.  She used to spend long hours in the chapel and what struck us, novices, was that she never leaned on the kneeler. She would kneel straight up. She said her prayers loudly and clearly too. Her English was good and she had a very extensive vocabulary.  She had great potential but unfortunately her abnormality was a great handicap.

As she grew older, she developed diabetes and she used to over eat. This naturally complicated her condition and she had to be hospitalised. She died on the 1st April, 1961.

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