SR. PHILIPPA (1924 – 1992)

We do not know much about Sr. Philippa’s back ground except that she had a relative among the working personnel in our convent.  When I joined the convent she was just out of the novitiate.  I was very much struck by her lovely, broad smile, when I saw her first.  She appeared to be a nice, jolly nun.  And indeed she turned out to be just that.  I used to call her ‘Pip’.  She was short and stout and dark and those lovely white teeth against her skin, gave her a remarkable appearance. Her expression was one of innocence and simplicity.  At recreation, she was the one who kept everyone laughing with her jokes and stories.

Sr. Philippa was a good teacher and we are told that children would glamour to be in the division I n which she taught.  I am not surprised.  I would have done so too!  Her cheerfulness and laughter, which was sometimes quite loud, was contagious.  She was very sincere.

Towards the end of her life, she got a stroke and was bed-ridden.  But even in that condition, her smile and her cheerfulness never left her.  What struck people the most was her joyful submission to her condition.  I’m glad! I got this chance to write about you Pip.

Sunday, July 1, 2018