SR. PIA (1931-1978)

Born on July 24th, 1931, Sr. Pia died at the early age of 47. She hailed from Ollur, in Trichur district.  She was lively, and full of fun. She was greatly concerned if a member of the community or of her family was ill. She was very devoted to the Holy Family.

She developed kidney trouble shortly after her profession. Unfortunately her ailment was not diagnosed early as the science of Nephrology was not so well developed in those days, here in India. Due to this she was misunderstood by her superiors, but she was patient and bore it without complaint. She just quietly prepared herself for the end, forgiving those who misunderstood her. She often said, “Jesus did only good, but was crucified. What is my suffering compared to His. I am happy to share a bit of His cross.” Death finally came on the 3rd April1978.It was a merciful release to her. 

Monday, April 2, 2018