SR. ROMOLDA (1930-2007)


Mary (Sr. Romolda) was born on May 28th, 1930, the eldest child of Chittatukara Komban Lonan and Mathirikutty. Her only sibling was Anna. Mary did her Primary education at St. Sebastian’s School in   Chittatukara and completed her High School at Christ the King, Pavaratty. She did her T.T.C. at the Govt. College in Tirur. She began her teaching at O.L.F.G.H.S., Mathilakam.

At the age of 26, Mary joined the CSST institute. On 27th August Mary made her first commitment and was named Sr. Romolda. Sister rendered her service with great love and dedication in our schools in Mathilekam, Ochanthuruth and Konniyoor. Sister retired in 1990 and served as the Procurator at St. Joseph’s Convent, Kottayam. Sister was appointed as the Animator of Shantipuram Convent Kottayam, then at St. Teresa’s Konniyoor again as Procurator at St. Teresa’s Annex (Villa Teresa).

The year 2004 onwards Sr. Romolda spent her life at St. Joseph’s Convent, Thrissur. Sister utilized her time for prayer and in attending to the poor at the door. Sister led a life of simplicity and loved poverty like our Lord. We became aware of this all the more only after her departure.

 We are ever grateful to our dear Sr. Romolda for being an excellent example for us, religious. We missed celebrating her Golden Jubilee as she passed away on 4th July 2007. May the Lord Himself place a Crown of Gold on her and welcome her into His abode.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018