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SR. ROSALIE (1918 – 1991)

Hailing from the well known Velappanat family of Fort Cochin, Sr. Rosalie joined the congregation in 1940.  She was humble and shy by nature, and preferred to do her work unnoticed.  She was kind and patient with everyone.  Sister was a member of the Sacred Heart community of Mundakayam from 1942 to 1975.  To live in the midst of those rubber trees, to cover the distance from the convent to the school on foot, day after day, in the sun or the rain for 33 years was a task she did with a smile. The community at Mundakayam was unique for its family spirit and unity and she was one who contributed to kai9ng it so.

After retirement she went to Mathilekam and Aripalam where she endeared herself to everyone in the house and the neighborhood.  From 1979 she was transferred to St. Teresa’s Convent, Ernakulum where she was boarding mistress for many years.  She loved the children and was a mother to them.  By her patient love she won their hearts.  The orphan and the destitute found her sympathetic friend and guide.

Sr. Rosalie loved the sisters in the community too; both old and young.  We could laugh and joke with her and we could also share our worries and sorrows.  She would be there with a listening heart, to understand and comfort.

She passed away after a short illness.  We miss you still dear sister, your smile, your gentle ways and your presence in our, midst.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018