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SR. SYLVESTER (1926 – 1990)

We do not know much about Sr. Sylvester’s early life.  She came to Mercy Home after her retirement from teaching.  It was there that we have seen her, as she was there for many years.  Mercy Home is the retirement home for those of our old domestic workers who had no home or wished to stay with us to the end of their lives.  They were very dear to us and they too lived with us.  Sr. Sylvester was one of the team of five sisters who cared for these old persons.  She had a dry sense of humor, a great sense of service and concern for each one of her charges.  She had a special place for the weakest and poorest. She would prepare tasty dishes for the bedridden and feed them herself.  When visitors came she would be the first to welcome them with her broad smile and offer them refreshment.  She loved animals and encouraged them in the house.  She made it a point to spend time with the day-care- children.  Though ascetical and austere in person she could enjoy a good movie and an exciting game of cards.

She had been ailing for some time but would not go to the doctor.  She was too busy supervising the kitchen, going to the market and keeping the account.  Who knows how much she endured without complaint?  When she was very weak and could not help it, she finally agreed to see the doctor. She was admitted in the hospital with cardiac asthma and high blood urea.  She finally succumbed to her ailments and passed away peacefully on the 14th of July.




Saturday, July 14, 2018