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Sr. Verda (1927 – 2014)

Jesus said to the disciples at the Last Supper “I am going to prepare a place for you in my Father’s House.  After I prepare it, I will come back to take you to myself.  So that you will be where I am”.  Jesus had finished His preparation for Sr. Verda to be with Him Eternally. And at 8.15 am on July 10th, 2014 Jesus came and took her with Him.

Sr. Verda was born to Alex and Annie D’souza on March 23rd, 1927 in Mudigere in the district of Chickamangalore.  The family was also blessed with a second daughter.

She completed her studies at ST. Joseph’s Convent, Chickmangalore, after which she heard God calling her to consecrate herself to Him in the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of St.Teresa in the year 1957.

Sr. Verda’s first assignment was at St. John the Baptist Convent, Kumta, in the year 1960, and from then on gave her dedicated service to several convents in the Karnataka Province. Sister was a much loved and appreciated teacher very especially for small children. Her Outstanding Charism was expressed by her love for Jesus, through her zeal in teaching Catechism to children, which she made her top priority.

All through her religious life, her mission was centered around small children, the poor, especially the orphans. She did freely the good she could do, without loosing her peace and joy.

By nature Sr. Verda was a person of few words, very prayerful, dutiful and creative.  Her love for nature was expressed in her well dressed anthurium garden in Kushalnagar.  Sister was always very active in Church activities which reached a climax on Mission Sunday, by her whole hearted, selfless service.

Today, our Lord welcomes our Sr. Verda by saying “You are precious.  Do not be afraid, I have called you by name, you are mine.”

We the CSST family, friends, and relatives bid farewell to our dear sister, and thank God for the gift of Sr. Verda; and we thank sister for all her services to our Institute.

We extend our heartfelt condolence to all her loved ones, especially to those present here today.  Dear Sr. Verda, may the angels go with you to the home of God, and may the saints welcome you into the heavenly Kingdom.



Tuesday, July 10, 2018