SR.BERTILLA (1946 – 1989)

Born on May 5th Teresa Dhanaraj lived just 43 years.  She felt called to be religious when she was 18 years old and joined our Congregation.  At her vestition she was given the name Sr. Bertilla.  Somehow she felt u certain about what type of apostolate she wanted to do.  She did her post graduation in Sociology with the hope that God wanted her to be involved in social welfare.  But she soon discovered that was not what she wanted.  Even after doing her B.Ed. she felt uncertain about teaching.

At this time Fr. Amalaorpavadas conceived of the idea of setting up an ashram and having Christian Ashramites living the Indian-Christian spirituality that he was preaching and teaching.  He made an appeal for volunteers to join him in the Ashram.  Sr. Bertilla volunteer and so she became a member of Anjali Ashram.

After two years at the Ashram sister returned and was appointed teacher at Christ the King High School, Mysore.  She now found fulfillment in her teaching role and worked with dedication for a decade.  She would help weaker students and give remedial classes too.

In 1987 it was discovered that she was suffering from ‘Myasthenia Gravis’. In spite of treatment at Bangalore and Vellore, she succumbed to the disease on 16th June 1989.

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