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SR.CLARE (1888 – 1986)

Sr. Clare was the youngest sister of Sr. Francis.  She too like her sister was brought to Mother Foundress after their father’s death and became a boarder in St. Teresa’s.  Later, like Sr. Francis, she also joined the convent.  Later, three nieces also joined the convent,  Srs. Celine, Euphrasia, and Barbara.  We will hear more about them later.  Sr. Clare was a gentle, soft –spoken person, but with a strong determination and leadership qualities.  She had great concern for the many orphans and those whom she helped, the poor and needy.  And many orphans and those whom she helped called her ‘their amma.’

When she was superior in Pallipuram, she used to visit the homes of the people around.  When they were in difficulty, it was to her they turned to.  Thus it was that when a lady was dying she sent for Sr. Clare and entrusted her five daughters to her “You be their mother”.  She brought them to the con vent, because the younger ones were very small.  Later three of them became nuns, Srs. Clotilde, Rosetta and Annette.  Like this she acquired many ‘children’ for herself and the convent.

Like Sr. Francis, who loved the garden, Clare too was one for flowers and Nature.  But unlike Sr. Francis she was quieter and less social.  However, if you talked to her, you found her well-read and friendly. Towards the end, she used to have hallucinations, otherwise she was quite healthy.  She died at the ripe old age of 97, bearing Panchie by a year!

Sunday, July 8, 2018