SR.CLAUDINE (1929 – 1993)

Sr. Claudine was a native of Ernakulum.  Her family was a devout one and her vocation was nurtured by her own parents.  She joined the Institute in 1957.  Sr. Claudine worked in Karnataka at first and later, in the North.  She accepted her transfers without hesitation and went joyfully wherever she was sent.  Later, she was appointed Superior as well.  She did with good will; all that she had to do.  The sisters liked her and she was able to build the community.  She was gentle in her ways, soft-spoken and kind.  People also generally liked her.

She took ill quite early and after being treated in the North, was finally returned to Ernakulum.  At Lissie hospital she was treated by several doctors, but her condition just got worse.  She went for a Potta retreat seeking a cure but perhaps what she got instead, was the grace to suffer more valiantly.  She was cheerful and acting of her illness, but as she got6 weaker, she had to grapple with her own brokenness.  It was hard for her and for all those who had to stand by, unable to help.  When death eventually came she was peaceful and calm.

Friday, April 20, 2018