SR.DE PAZZI (1918 – 1996)


Muriel D’Costa was the only child of her parents and was born like a Christmas gift on the eve of the birthday of Jesus.  She grew up in Cochin under the watchful eye of her mother who was widowed early.  She completed her graduation and then decided to join the convent.  Her mother nobly gave her consent.

Sr.De Pazzi was always a cheerful, friendly person and won the hearts of everyone with whom she came in contact.  Her lovely smile was enough to attract people.  She served as hostel warden and teacher in various houses of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  Later she was sent to the houses in the North as superior and also was selected to work in Abu Dhabi for some time.  Wherever she went she was able to work in collaboration with others and build a happy community.  She was the first Regional Superior of the Kerala Province and later Provincial councilor in Tamil Nadu.  She finally retired at Nirmala Convent, Mysore.

Wherever she went, Sr. De Pazzi was noted for her pleasant cheerfulness, gentle humor and ready availability.  She loved the Congregation and was always ready to serve in whatever capacity was required of her.  She loved the poor and the orphan and was always ready to help them, in whatever way she would.  Her end was very sudden.  The number of sisters who came for her funeral testified to her popularity and the respect and love with which she was held.

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