SR.DOLORES (1914 – 2001)

Sr. Dolores was the youngest daughter of her parents, Mr.& Mrs.Patrao of Mangalore.  Her elder sister in religion Sr. Fidelis had joined our Institute earlier and so she followed.  She was professed in 1934.  She worked as a teacher at first and then as warden and superior for many years.  Her labors were mainly restricted to Kerala and Karnataka.  For many years she was superior of the Sacred Heart convent in Mundakayam.  They were a very happy and united community then and many of the sisters used to remember how happy they were under Sr. Dolores.  Sister herself used to say that the most fruitful and happy years of her life were spent in Mundakayam.  Gifted with many good qualities and a natural cheerful temperament, she was able to deal effectively with the young students and others.  She had a lovely singing voice, which was an added positive quality.  As animator she stood bravely for values that she considered important in life. Often it was at the cost of misunderstanding and suffering but she did not mind.

When she grew older she retired to St. Teresa’s convent Ernakulum and later she moved to Villa St.Joseph in Mysore.  She had a stroke and had partially recovered. At Villa, she led a peaceful, quiet life.  Her sister, Sr. Casilda was also there which must have been a comfort for them both.  Her elder sister Sr. Fidelis had passed away several years earlier.  On the morning of December 5th with the sisters keeping vigil at her bedside, Sr. Dolores passed away peacefully.  Her sufferings were over and down brought her vision of her Savior.



Wednesday, December 5, 2018