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SR.MILLICENT (1928 – 2010)

From the day Sr. Millicent fell ill; her prayer was from the Liturgy of the Eucharist and from the Liturgy of the Hours. “Come Lord Jesus, release your child from bondage but I am here to do your will. This had been her attitude not only in sickness but all through life.

Pauline Menezes, in religion Sr. Millicent, was born on July 25, 1928 to Piedade Menezes and Louisa Quadras at Kemmannu, Udupi.  She was the eldest child among 3 boys and 5 girls in the family. Pauline was the joy of the Menezes family house, Vinayalaya.  One of her brothers became a Capuchin priest, late Fr. Ronald.  She had completed her teacher’s training when the Lord’s call came to her, to be with Him and consecrate herself to Him. She did not know in which Institute to serve Him. She tried to pray and discern about it when an offer came to her to be a teacher in Avila School, Mysore.  She worked there for two years and then decided to enter the CSST Institute in 1960. After her Profession, her first assignment was to be a teacher at St. John the Baptist Convent, Kumta, North Kanara. She was well appreciated teacher for small children and a beloved warden of the boarding. Because of her skill in both areas, the school was full of children from the poorer section of the village. She could be full of joy and understanding at the mischief of the little ones. Integrity and compassion marked her activities and relationships, cleanliness and forbearance her daily living. She was interested in gardening, cooking, needle work and singing.

Sr. Millicent underwent courses on leadership skills at NBCLC and in Counseling at Christ Hall Calicut. These were of great use to her when she was appointed Animator of Avila Convent, St. John the Baptist, Kumta and St. Teresa’s, Bajal, Mangalore. She taught needle work at Nirmala Vikas Kendra, Kumta, did social work at the shrine of Our Lady of Health, Harihar. She has rendered services in Christ the King Convent, Pushpa Nilaya, Kumta and Divya Kripa, Nagoonahalli as Mistress of Postulants. 

During her last period at Divya Kripa, she underwent three Hernia operations after which she retired to Villa St. Joseph in 2001.

Sr. Millicent was a cheerful sufferer and always repeated the words “something good will come out of it”. In her last days she prayed, ‘Come Lord do not delay, release your child from bondage but Lord, I am here to do your will”. Every day revealed itself to her as a day of grace, love and light. She knew that the Mother of God would intercede for her and that she would be empowered to bear the intense pains with patience and God will free her in good time.

It was Saturday - December 18, 2010, the Sisters of Villa, gathered around Sr. Millicent in her room praying for her. As she was breathing her last breath, the sisters experienced a sense of God’s presence and His Angels around waiting to take her Home. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018