SR.SERAPHINE (1911-2002)

Irene Sylvester was the former name of Sr. Seraphine, an Anglo-Indian from Trichy. She was born on July 3rd 1911 and was the 3rd of five children. Irene studied at San Thome European Girls High School at Mylapore. In 1934, at the age of 23, she entered the CSST Institute. Sister made her final commitment in 1940.

Sr. Seraphine served in several communities in Kerala and Tamilnadu before she finally came to Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. There she stayed until she gained her eternal reward in 2002. Sister was in charge of the mess of the convent and the college. This is usually a difficult job, but Sr. Seraphine handled it very successfully with a calm and cheerful temperament. It was a pleasure to see her work. She believed in team work and co-ordinated the different departments with a calm and peaceful approach. She was kind to everyone including the market dealers. She was a mother to everyone.

During the 38 long years she spent in Mount Carmel community, she endeared herself to one and all by her sense of humour, her poetic language, her simplicity and utter guilessness. Always sportive and ready for fun, she participated wholeheartedly in the fun and frolic of the community Get-togethers. Called lovingly “Sero” by the sisters, she was appreciated and loved by everyone.

The doors of her heart were open for the poor and orphan. You would see them flocking to her window to listen to her soothing words, her advice and the little material benefit she could give. The domestic staff loved her dearly and she showed them her love by calling them “magale” and treating them as her daughters.

 Always neat and tidy, she would be seen going about her duties on time and with full commitment. Though illness took its toll, she did whatever she could till she was forced to be confined to her room. Even when in pain, she was cheerful and never complained. Till such time as she could make it to the chapel and refectory, she would make it a point to be present. Finally the end came. She was calm and serene because she was fully prepared to meet him whom she had always loved.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018