SR.THECLA (1915-1973)

Sr. Thecla was a Mangalorean, belonging to a well – known family. She was the only daughter of her parents. She had four brothers. One of them, Fr. William Mathias was known to M. Mary. Perhaps it was through him that Sr.Thecla was introduced to our congregation. Sr.Thecla was a qualified High School teacher and held the post of Headmistress in several of our schools, both in Kerala and in Karnataka.  She was a quiet, dignified person. She was cheerful and friendly. She was deeply spiritual and spent much of her free time in Chapel. At the same time, she was an efficient principal, good to her teachers and with good public relations. She took personal interest in the students and showed great concern for anyone with problems. She was very good to the non- teaching staff too.

In the community she was very serviceable to the sisters. She had a great sense of humour too. Her presence at recreation was joyous in her own quiet way. She would find innovative ways of making recreation a fun- time.

A few years after her retirement she had a hysterectomy. She recovered and was transferred to Bombay.  A few months later she developed complications and then came to know that the cancer had recurred. She knew it was the end. She took it very calmly. For several days she spent almost the whole time in chapel. After that she was fully resigned. Peacefully and cheerfully she planned her funeral Mass and also her mortuary card.  When the end came, she was fully prepared. Blessed are those who die in the Lord. She was buried in the St.Andrew’s cemetery.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018