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SR.VERA (1930 – 2008)

“In Jesus at peace I abide

And keep close to His side

Where there’s only serenity and rest”


Miss Tressy Rodrigues in religion Sr. Mary Vera was placed third in a family of 5 children. She was born to Mr. Joseph Rodrigues and Catherine at Narakal, Kerala, on 30th October 1930. The young girl Tressy was deeply prayerful and answered the call to Religious life and joined the C.S.S.T. order in 1953 as postulant and completed her novitiate at St. Teresa’s Ernakulam. She made her 1st commitment in 1955.

She was a teacher with zeal and ardour in Christ the King Convent, Mysore, North, Villupuram,  Head mistress at St. Joseph’s Gulbarga, Superior and H.M. at St. Mary’s Harihar, Holy Spirit, Kushalnagar, little Flower, T.Narasipur and at Nirmala, Mysore. From 2006 she was at Teresian doing account and odd jobs. As Headmistress, superior , Boarding Mistress and teacher, she endeared herself to the students, workers and staff, working hard teaching items, music, dance, art and the like.

She was by nature gentle, soft spoken, submissive, honest, prayerful, neat, dainty and unassuming. Love for gardening was strong in her.  She was an affectionate person, sensitive to the needs of others and a joy to live with her in the community.

Storms and ills of life beat Sr. Vera down and the path was rough and thorny for her, for the 14 months. She was in and out of Apollo hospital with aches and pain pressing her around causing anxiety and worry to the superior and community.  Finally, the 13th July, 2008 she breathed her last at Apollo hospital with a cardiac arrest.


Friday, July 13, 2018