SR.XAVARIA (1926-1998)

Sr. Xavaria was a Mangalorean. I think she was a relative of Sr. Thecla. We do not have any data about her early years or how she came to Congregation. However, we know sister herself and can tell you about her. She was a very active person, who worked hard and expected others to do so. The earliest I remember of her, was that she was in Mandya. After that she was superior in Kotagiri, in charge of the poor children and orphans there. She was a strict disciplinarian with the children, but also kind to those who needed help. There was an orphan girl who had polio whom she almost adopted. She saw that she was educated and well-settled, when she grew up. The girl remembers her with much love and gratitude.

Sister had to look after the estate too and this she did very zealously. Not just the estate, but also the workers. The next assignment she got was as superior in Madhupur. There too she was kind to the poor and orphaned children around her and cared for them.

When she retired she was transferred to Teresian College, Mysore. She worked in the hostel, caring for the students. In her spare time she went to chapel and spent time in prayer. She was an early riser, being the first in the chapel, in the morning. She loved to say the rosary and spend time alone with God. She had a firm faith in God but also believed that hard work and a determined will were needed to meet challenging situations. It was this unshakeable faith that motivated her.

In her later years she utilized her leisure time in reading and improving her vocabulary. She would read newspapers, periodicals and books from cover to cover! As a result she was very knowledgeable. She enjoyed recreation and was a good community person.

God tested her in the crucible of suffering at the end of her life. She developed cancer of the lymph nodes. Her suffering was prolonged and painful. As her disease progressed she became like a child. Her simplicity, co-operation and thoughtfulness were very much appreciated by those who looked after her. She loved the company of the sisters. She would tell us her childhood memories. In her agonizing pain she prayed, “Jesus I love, take away my pain”. In spite of the pain she was cheerful and tried to make others happy. Finally the end came peacefully. God rest her soul.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018