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We place contemplation at the service of the Church and society. Contemplation is a deep awareness of God, a deep attachment and love for him, with a willingness to surrender to Him.

Prayer is given priority in our lives

Joyous community Living


A special love for the poor and the marginalized

Special Devotion to Mary, the Mother of God under the title of Our lady of Mt. Carmel

Villa St. Joseph - A Home to count the blessings


Prayer is basically a relationship with God. It is a time when we allow God to love us. We give prayer a priority of place in our lives. Apart from the Eucharistic service (Mass) from which we draw infinite enrichment, since it is the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross re-lived we have what we call the Prayer of the Church which is biblical in character, morning and evening. Here we praise and thank God with the whole of creation and we also intercede for all those in need, keeping in mind the pressing needs of the church, country and the world at large. In addition to this, we have the rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary-a chaplet-through which we re-live the mysteries of Christ’s life and Mary’s participation in the same. There are also a few devotional prayers for our well being and the well being of others.

The year 1886 was very momentous in the annals of the history of the church in India. On September 1st of that year Pope Leo XIII established the Hierarchy of India; and all the Vicariates Apostolic of India and Ceylon were raised to the status of Dioceses. Seven Dioceses, including Verapoly, were elevated as Archdioceses in India. Verapoly thus became the only Archdiocese for the whole of Malabar, and Dr. Leonard Mellano of St. Louis OCD, the last Vicar Apostolic of Malabar, became its first Archbishop.

Since our personal prayer nourishes our community prayer and vice versa, each of us spends an hour in personal prayer normally called meditation.

We prepare diligently for this, through reading of the Scriptures and other religious books. This is usually done during the morning hours.

We integrate our prayer life with our daily life.

Joyous community living

Our Foundress and our first community paid attention to this aspect. Our communities are usually joyous, our recreations together, are hearty, and we try to retain the spirit of joy in our daily life. We believe there is no Christian life without the joy that springs from Jesus who is our Way, our Truth and

our Life. He is the Head and Centre of our communities.


Our Institutes are known for our “welcoming” attitude towards those who visit us. Our first communities had this trait, and this is passed on to us as a legacy. People usually find us warm, kind and generous.

A special love for the poor and the marginalized

Our special love for the poor is clearly seen in our apostolic activities both in our educational services as well as in social action and health action- our homes for the aged poor and our Children’s Homes for destitute children.

While our schools freely admit the poor who apply for admission, some of our schools have up to 90% of poor, and in some village areas, 100% of our students are poor. In our city schools we have laid down a policy that at least 30% of the poor are to be admitted. We try to empower the poor to do well in exams and in other walks of life. In our schools we provide fee concessions, books, clothes, noon meals to our poor students. In most of our schools, we have attached, children’s home, where the poor and destitute children are cared for. In places where we have regular boarding houses where the children are expected to pay their board, we have a number of destitute children. All eat the same food; though at times, for convenience sake, their accommodation is at different places. No discrimination is made between the rich and the poor students

We also try to break the barrier of casteism, linguism and distinctions between the rich and the poor, through our attitude which fosters unity among them. We do not take donations at the time of admissions, thus the poor feel free to come to our schools. We have remedial classes for the poor.

Devotion to Our lady of Mt. Carmel

As Carmelite Sisters, we have a special devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel who is the Principal Patroness of the Carmelite Order. Mount Carmel in the Holy Land (Jerusalem) was the original site where a group of monks lived when the Carmelite Order was started. Our Blessed Mother bearing the title of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, has shown a special love for the Carmelite order. We venerate Mary, under this title and we celebrate the 16th July as a special feast in her honour.

We recite Salve on every Saturday


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